Emotion in the Consulting Room

Symposium keynote speaker Susan Johnson has done more to demonstrate that emotion, far from being a frivolous, “touchy-feely” dimension of our experience, is the key to therapeutic change. Today, her Emotionally Focused Therapy—founded in the principles of Attachment Theory—is widely recognized as the most empirically supported approach with couples. To watch Sue talk about the next step in improving psychotherapy’s effectiveness—the theme of her upcoming address at the 2013 Symposium—just click on the video below.

In addition to her keynote address, Sue will also be co-presenting a workshop with scientist James Coan addressing one of the most intriguing questions facing therapists today—how can we expand our repertoire and improve our outcomes by incorporating the lessons of brain science in our work? Their all-day Saturday workshop, The Neuroscience of Couples Therapy, will offer the unusual opportunity to see a skilled therapist partner with a noted neuroscientist to offer a moment-by-moment analysis of a couples session to explore the relevance of neuroscience to relationship repair.

Whether your interests are couples therapy, trauma work, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, children and adolescents—or just about anything else under the sun—you’ll find cutting edge ideas and methods that you can use in your practice at this year’s Symposium.

Now is the time to register. Space is limited and workshops are filling up. Register today!

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