Capturing the Symposium in One Minute or Less

When it becomes time to open registration for the Networker Symposium each year, we always wonder what the best way is to introduce the event to those who have never attended.

How do you summarize a four-day affair with a packed schedule and over 3500 attendees in just a handful of words?

If we focus on the multitude of workshops being offered, then the Symposium sounds like any other professional conference.

If we focus on the social and networking opportunities, then it starts to sound more like a party and less like an opportunity to learn and grow.

It turns out that the best review comes from someone who has first-hand experience. Mary Pipher—noted writer, Symposium presenter, and frequent contributor to the Networker—perfectly summarizes the Networker Symposium experience in this quick Symposium clip: It’s both a professional tribal gathering and a family reunion.

Think about joining us.

The Therapists’ Craft:
Healing Connection in a Digital World

March 21-24 · Washington DC
Click here for all the details.

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