Steve Andreas

210/310 Changes that Work

Steve AndreasSteve Andreas • Friday All Day
Too much therapy is slow, vague, tedious, and ineffective because we can easily get preoccupied with the conscious content of what our clients present, rather than discovering the underlying structure of the largely unconscious visual, auditory, Continue reading

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524 From Anger to Forgiveness

Steve AndreasSteve Andreas • Saturday Afternoon
Many clients are troubled by anger and resentment that poisons their relationships and health and preoccupies them with thoughts of revenge. However, clients are only willing to take the path to forgiveness when they’re able to find ways to protect Continue reading

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609 Your Inner Trash-Talker

Steve AndreasSteve Andreas • Sunday All Day
Nearly all of us experience negative self-talk at times—reminding us of past failures, torturing us with self-criticism and abuse, or describing frightening futures. However, some people suffer from these mean inner voices full time. It seems intuitive that Continue reading

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