113 Yoga for Energy

Amy WeintraubAmy Weintraub • Thursday All Day
Ever notice how your energy level ebbs and flows throughout the day and wonder how to get it to flow more and ebb less? This fun, gently active workshop will walk you through easy routines to help you combat fatigue and restore get-up-and-go    Continue reading

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206/306 “Presencing” Attachment

Diane Poole HellerDiane Poole Heller • Friday All Day
Many clients bring to therapy the remnants of attachment wounds experienced before they’d learned to speak or use language to organize memory, so talk therapy often is ineffective at getting to the root of the early memories that can continue to roil Continue reading

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222 What a Body Is “Saying”

Daniel LevenDaniel Leven • Friday Morning
Every therapist has had the experience of listening to clients who return week after week, recycling the same fundamental narrative of their life over and over. Increasingly, we’re discovering that real therapeutic progress can occur quite    Continue reading

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412/512 Transforming Self-Loathing

Janina FisherJanina Fisher • Saturday All Day
Shame and self-loathing are often part of trauma’s aftermath—responses so powerful they can shut off the capacity to absorb positive experience, block the ability to connect with others, and frustrate the best efforts of therapists to build self-esteem. Continue reading

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416/516 Mind-Body & Depression

James GordonJames Gordon • Saturday All Day
Most people who come into a therapist’s office continue to repeat the same self-defeating stories to themselves, respond to stress in ways that inhibit their psychological growth, and perpetuate disease-producing behavior patterns. This is Continue reading

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