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104 Know Thy Face

Diane Poole HellerDiane Poole Heller • Thursday All Day
The human face is a marvelously expressive instrument—an elaborate and intricate system of neural networks and small facial muscles, which evolved to communicate a vast range of human emotions and mind states. Yet not only are many of us— Continue reading

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206/306 “Presencing” Attachment

Diane Poole HellerDiane Poole Heller • Friday All Day
Many clients bring to therapy the remnants of attachment wounds experienced before they’d learned to speak or use language to organize memory, so talk therapy often is ineffective at getting to the root of the early memories that can continue to roil Continue reading

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1:15 PM Luncheon Address

Diane Poole HellerCreating a Corrective Emotional Experience
Diane Poole Heller
At a time when psychotherapists trained primarily in the “talking cure” are increasingly recognizing the need to “read” clients’ nonverbal communications, Continue reading

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