Top 5 Trauma Workshops at the 2013 Symposium

At this year’s Symposium, we’re excited to be offering several workshops especially devoted to the  latest developments in trauma treatments. Here are the top 5 trauma workshops; which ones are you most eager to check out?

5. The 3 Core Skills for Trauma Treatment. There’s no better way to get an overview of the fundamental clinical skills for treating trauma. Deany Laliotis will go beyond the apparent differences in trauma theories to reveal what’s essential to enhancing your effectiveness in working with traumatized clients.

4. Rethinking PTSD. Increasingly we’re discovering that a history of childhood abuse is often at the root of trauma. In an all-day Friday workshop, Mary Jo Barrett and Linda Stone Fish will team up to discuss a powerful 3-step model for working with clients whose PTSD is a result of early abuse and neglect.

3. Treating Chronic Pain. Standard medical approaches too often actually worsen chronic pain, so Maggie Phillips will show you a variety of mind-body techniques that can offer dramatic help when all other interventions have failed.

2. From Trauma to Resilience. Don Meichenbaum will offer both an overview of what research reveals about working with a variety of traumatic conditions, and a common sense approach born of his four decades of clinical experience that represents the state of the art in trauma treatment today.

1. Getting Through to Traumatized Youth. In this special workshop, experts on working with troubled inner-city youths share their insights about the challenges of bringing a social and cultural perspective into your trauma work. Kenneth Hardy, Christiana Awosan, Cadmona Hall, and Heather Hay will show you how to guide children toward facing unacknowledged losses and access disowned aspects of themselves.

Don’t miss out on getting into your first pick of workshops and saving $50! After midnight on Monday, February 4, the price of Symposium registration increases, so sign up now to get the lower price!

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  1. Edie Savage-Weeks says:

    I am having trouble locating the cost of the symposium. What is the cost?

  2. PsychotherapyNetworker Support says:

    Hi Edie,

    Click on this link to find out pricing information:


    PN Support

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