Three and a Half Minutes of Serendipity

Rich Simon

By Rich Simon If you’re like a lot of psychotherapists today, face-to-face professional gatherings may not be your cup of tea. After all, why bother with the hassle of travel, reshuffling your appointment book, and all the other petty inconveniences of conference-going, when you can stay home seated in your comfy chair in front of your trusty PC and get all the CEs you need?

What sets the Networker Symposium apart as a unique gathering is its ability to offer up its share of “you-had-to-be-there” moments that live on in memory long after the conference is over. These moments are sometimes deeply poetic or philosophical, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilariously funny. They not only draw us together and remind us of who we are and why we are therapists, but they also make us feel somehow more fully human, and more grateful for the privilege of being alive and with each other.

But you don’t need to take our word for what makes these experiences special. Over the next few weeks as we move toward this spring’s meeting, The Therapist’s Craft: Healing Connection in a Digital World, we’ll be bringing you some video snapshots, so to speak, of such incandescent moments—not very long, but rich enough to give you a feeling for these times of what we might call “Symposium serendipity.”

Several years ago, one such occasion was an extraordinary keynote address by Ken Hardy, one of the field’s most passionate advocates for more attention to issues of race, ethnicity, and poverty. Within a few short minutes, Ken managed to play us all like a Stradivarius violin, taking us from comic hilarity to a deep pathos in one of the most stunning presentations we’ve ever seen. Watch the clip below. We hope you enjoy it.

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