The Hit List: Symposium 2013 Top 5 Workshops

Now that the holidays are over, those of us at Networker Central are celebrating our second favorite time of the year–the annual lead-up to this spring’s Networker Symposium! As more and more registrations come in, it’s always fascinating to see which workshops are the most popular. Here’s your chance to discover the hot trends that everyone wants to learn about and the speakers that are attracting the most attention, as well as the aspects of clinical craft in which attendees seem most interested.

With more than 150 workshops to choose from, there’s certainly something available for everyone, no matter what your areas of interest are. Here are the top five workshops so far for the 2013 Symposium:

5. Customizing Mindfulness. Over the past decade, the once unconventional practices of mindfulness has become more and more integrated into standard therapeutic practice. In this Friday morning workshop, Ron Siegel will show how to customize mindfulness methods on a case-by-case basis and offer specific questions that will help you tailor them to the unique needs of a given client.

4. The Neuroscience of Couples Therapy. In this unique session, noted couples therapist Sue Johnson and neuroscientist James Coan team up to review a video of an actual therapy session to explore how neurobiological insights can inform and enhance a clinician’s moment-by-moment decision making. Here’s your chance to see how to translate the insights of brain science into specific clinical interventions.

3. “Presencing” Attachment. A heated debate between Jerome Kagan and Dan Siegel at the 2010 Symposium shown a spotlight on the relevance of Attachment Theory for therapeutic practice. In an all-day workshop on Friday, Diane Poole Heller will demonstrate the very latest advances in helping therapists use themselves more effectively to address attachment issues in the consulting room.

2. Ethics Made Fun. During this all-day workshop on Thursday, Clifton Mitchell proves that learning about therapeutic ethics doesn’t have to be boring in a lively and entertaining game show format. It’s a great way for participants to earn their ethics CE credits. This workshop was so popular at last year’s Symposium that we had to bring it back for a bonus round!

1. Emotional Healing. With her luminous presence, Tara Brach’s way of bringing together spiritual teaching and clinical savvy embodies the very heart and soul of healing connection.  In this all-day Saturday workshop, Tara will teach you both the skills you need to find a sense of calm in this tumultuous world, and how to impart these skills to your clients.

As we get closer to the 2013 Symposium, more of the workshops will start to fill up, so register soon to get your first picks. Whether you want information on your area of expertise, are looking to learn something new, or need to stretch your creative muscles, we’ve got you covered.

Besides increasing your chances of getting your first choices for workshops, there’s another benefit in registering now. If we receive your registration by January 14th, you receive a FREE video download of our special compilation of all-time Symposium highlights, including clips of such luminaries as Salvador Minuchin, Gloria Steinem, Tom Wolfe, Jon Kabat Zinn, Mary Pipher, John O’Donohue, and David Whyte. To register now, just click here.

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6 Responses to The Hit List: Symposium 2013 Top 5 Workshops

  1. gabriele machado says:

    Im interested in the mindfulness course. How much is the course and where is it

  2. Eileen Appelbaum says:

    I never received my printed copy this year. I have received it in past years. I would like a printed copy of the program. What do I need to have one sent to me.
    eileen Appelbaum

  3. Rene DValery says:

    I am wondering if you are thinking of offering any trainings/workshops at the symposium or online, that deal with bullying? I work with teens and children under 12 and find this to be a recurring topic.

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