618 EMDR: Beyond Trauma

Deany LaliotisDeany Laliotis • Sunday All Day
While EMDR is widely used as a highly effective treatment for PTSD based on neutralizing past memories of trauma, few therapists recognize how powerful a tool it can be in helping clients reprocess difficult experiences—traumatic or not—that impede their clients’ ability to move forward with their lives. In this workshop, you’ll be introduced to an eight-phase information-processing model of EMDR for helping clients identify and reprocess significant childhood experiences and chronic patterns or themes that shadow their lives, hinder their emotional growth, and limit their ability to fully express their own identity. You’ll learn a practical clinical procedure for identifying the predominant themes in a person’s life that underlie their current difficulties and freeing them from attitudes that limit a fuller, more flexible experience of self.

Deany Laliotis, L.I.C.S.W., is a trainer, clinical consultant, and practitioner of EMDR. She’s on the faculty of EMDR Institute, Inc., and is the codirector of EMDR of Greater Washington.

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