616 Attachment-Based Therapy

Noel LarsonNoel Larson • Sunday All Day
Just because you’ve recognized that a client has deep-seated attachment issues emanating from developmental trauma doesn’t mean that talk therapy is irrelevant. This presentation will show you how to adapt and incorporate nonverbal techniques into the more traditional repertoire of psychotherapy approaches. We’ll begin by discussing specific questions that will help you assess the client’s attachment style—whether it’s anxious, avoidant, or disorganized. We’ll then explore individualized ways to calibrate your pacing, both physically and emotionally, in your dealings with clients who exhibit each of these styles. Finally, you’ll receive practical suggestions (including catchphrases for yourself and your client) for cultivating a calm presence that will keep you nondefensive, even when clients become volatile or highly reactive.

Noel Larson, Ph.D., a psychologist, marriage and family therapist, and clinical social worker at Meta Resources, is the coauthor of Incestuous Families: An Ecological Approach to Understanding and Treatment.

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