612 Fantasy in Therapy

Ben FurmanBen Furman • Sunday All Day
Imagination is probably the most underused element in therapy. This workshop will teach you a number of simple techniques for using fantasy and imagination to help clients break out of the thought cage of their problems and broaden their perspectives to encompass fresh possibilities in their lives. You’ll learn a range of strategies to help your clients imagine that future, including “the magic wand” (“Suppose I had a magic wand to make this problem disappear, what would the rest of the day be like?”); “the injection” (“Imagine I could give you an injection, effective immediately with no side effects, that gave you the power to tackle your problem. What would indicate the injection is working?”); and “the clairvoyant” (If I could see you in my crystal ball a year from now, smiling and happy, where would you be, with whom, doing what?”) You’ll also learn how to follow-up with more questions to help clients take practical steps to bring about these positive changes.

Ben Furman, M.D., psychiatrist and director of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, is an internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused psychotherapy. He coauthored Solution Talk: Hosting Therapeutic Conversations.

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