611 Enriching Couples’ Stories

John Hjarso MortensenJohn Hjarso Mortensen • Sunday All Day
The stories we tell about ourselves give our lives coherence and meaning, but, too often, they can also limit us and leave no room for change and expansion. This workshop will provide practical tips for helping couples discover narratives that enrich and strengthen them, encouraging individual and mutual self-empowerment. You’ll learn how to listen with a critical ear, identifying stereotypes, misconceptions, and unshared or mistaken assumptions about the marriage or each other to be questioned and rethought. You’ll practice coaching techniques for challenging limiting, “thin” stories, including highlighting exceptions to stereotypical narratives, building stories of resilience, and integrating troubling experience into emerging stories of hope and possibility. You’ll leave with new tools for helping couples engage with each other more fully and develop stories about their future together that catalyze their strengths rather than dwelling on past disappointments.

John Hjarso Mortensen is a private practitioner specializing in individual and couples therapy. He’s an external lector at the University of Copenhagen in the department of psychology and on the faculty of health and medical sciences.

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