609 Your Inner Trash-Talker

Steve AndreasSteve Andreas • Sunday All Day
Nearly all of us experience negative self-talk at times—reminding us of past failures, torturing us with self-criticism and abuse, or describing frightening futures. However, some people suffer from these mean inner voices full time. It seems intuitive that the best solution would be to completely eliminate them, but a state of inner silence would create catatonic immobility, and trying to stop voices altogether usually makes them even worse. It isn’t what the voices say but how they say it—loudly, derisively, abusively, insistently—that’s such an emotional trigger for depression, anxiety, and low-self esteem. In this workshop, instead of focusing on the content of the voices, you’ll learn and experience a variety of techniques that rapidly change the volume, tonality, tempo, and location of a troublesome voice, so it loses its negative power and can even make you laugh!

Steve Andreas, M.A., has been learning, teaching, and developing brief therapy methods for over 45 years. His books include Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic; Transforming Your Self; and Transforming Negative Self-Talk.

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