530 Helping Couples Play

Robert SchwarzElaine BraffRobert Schwarz & Elaine Braff • Saturday Afternoon
Too often, couples work can be a grim process in which couples spend a lot of time sharing their anger and hurt, but it doesn’t need to be so serious. Play is an essential ingredient of marital and life satisfaction, and “having fun together” does much to restore positive emotion and connection. This workshop will show you how to help clients rediscover their playfulness as a pathway to reconnection. We’ll distill lessons from Erik Erikson, Martin Seligman, Jerry Seinfeld, William Shakespeare, and the Buddha that will yield in-session techniques to dissolve defensiveness and increase openness. We’ll explore “home-play” activities that increase intimacy and discuss how best to integrate humor into sessions and into couples’ lives outside of therapy. You’ll leave knowing new approaches that will encourage couples to rekindle their playfulness, so that they’re in the mood for fun when they walk out your door.

Robert Schwarz, Psy.D., who’s organized national conferences on trauma, Ericksonian hypnosis, and brief therapy, is the coauthor of We’re No Fun Anymore and author of Tools for Transforming Trauma.

Elaine Braff, M.P.S., A.T.R., a Master PAIRS Leader who’s worked with couples and families for 31 years, is the coauthor of We’re No Fun Anymore.

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