529 Resilience & Positive Emotions

Linda GrahamLinda Graham • Saturday Afternoon
Positive Psychology research has demonstrated that strengthening people’s experiences of emotions like joy, gratitude, serenity, compassion, and love can help them build long-term resources for deeper self-acceptance and stronger connections with others, and broaden their sense of possibility and resilience. This experiential workshop will teach you 10 empirically validated techniques to help clients skillfully undo the impact of negative emotions on coping behaviors and cultivate the positive emotions that can lead to a greater optimism, sense of purpose, and fulfillment. You’ll practice exercises designed to help clients find the gift in past mistakes, take in the good of their competence in managing current difficulties, and strengthen their felt sense of “Sure I can!” in facing future challenges. You’ll leave with a new toolkit for resilience and flourishing for working with your clients—and for yourself.

Linda Graham, M.F.T., offers consultations and trainings nationwide on the integration of relational psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience. She’s the author of the forthcoming Bouncing Back: Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being.

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