527 The Generational Divide

David FlohrDavid Flohr • Saturday Afternoon
In today’s free-for-all, mass-culture society, it’s understandable that many parents feel either obsolete or baffled by how to relate to their children in ways that will feel authentic to both generations. This workshop will show you how the innovative use of group formats can bridge the generational divide through the use of different types of therapeutic groups. The ParentCircle is a long-term model that offers an energetic group experience in which parents co-create a “holding environment” through which to work on their own issues, become educated as parents, and receive crucial support during the childrearing years. Another approach—parallel groups, one with kids and the other with their parents—can promote better communication and relational skills on both sides, yielding meaningful change for both kids and their parents over time.

David Flohr, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializes in the self-development of the parent, and has facilitated small process oriented clinical groups for more than 30 years.

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