525 The Path Not Taken

Jay EfranJay Efran • Saturday Afternoon
Truly effective therapists are clear about their role, understand the mechanisms of change, and are skilled in avoiding the pitfalls that can so easily derail therapy. They also know how to engage clients, cement the therapeutic contract, and focus on concrete goals. This workshop will demonstrate specific strategies to do all that, beginning with the crucial first step: establishing a client–therapist contract that clarifies the mutual expectations and goals that will focus the treatment that lies ahead. You’ll learn specific skills for challenging and motivating clients to take the road not taken—the pathway to change. We’ll explore how to stop endless discussions about blame and avoid getting sidetracked from core issues. You’ll leave with a new understanding of how to think beyond treatment abstractions (like “anxiety” or “depression”) and help individuals and couples make the changes necessary to resolve concrete issues and improve problem relationships.

Jay Efran, Ph.D., professor emeritus of psychology at Temple University, is the coauthor of Language, Structure and Change: Frameworks of Meaning in Psychotherapy.

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