524 From Anger to Forgiveness

Steve AndreasSteve Andreas • Saturday Afternoon
Many clients are troubled by anger and resentment that poisons their relationships and health and preoccupies them with thoughts of revenge. However, clients are only willing to take the path to forgiveness when they’re able to find ways to protect themselves from a repetition of the injury and honor the important values that were violated by the original transgression. In this workshop, we’ll focus on the critical process of helping clients develop the willingness to forgive someone who’s violated their love or trust. We’ll also explore ways to help them “soften” their unforgiving stances, while still maintaining integrity and personal safety. You’ll come away with a toolkit of simple mental exercises that help clients make the transition into forgiveness once they’re fully prepared to do so.

Steve Andreas, M.A., has been learning, teaching, and developing brief therapy methods for over 45 years. His books include Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic; Transforming Your Self; and Six Blind Elephants: Understanding Ourselves and Each Other.

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