519 How the Brain Functions

John ArdenJohn Arden • Saturday Afternoon
Now that research has presented us with so much information about how the brain works, the next step is learning how best to educate clients about their brains and apply neuroscientific findings in the consulting room. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to connect the dots between brain research and application in a number of areas: understanding how memory works and how to make implicit memory explicit, the role of the polyvagal nervous system in shaping social relationships, and how to use the brain’s neuroplasticity to bring about positive change. We’ll also explore how understanding the basic neurodynamic patterns underlying disorders like panic, PTSD, depression, and OCD is leading us toward an exciting new era of brain-based psychotherapy, offering a common language that transcends the differences among all the methods used by our various theoretic approaches.

John Arden, Ph.D., the director of training in the Mental Health Division of the Kaiser Permanent Medical Centers, Northern California Region, is the author or coauthor of 13 books, including the Brain-Based Therapy book series from John Wiley & Sons

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