425 Object Relations & Couples

David ScharffDavid Scharff • Saturday Morning
This workshop presents a primer on the use of the therapist’s self in working with couples in the psychodynamic mode. We’ll focus on the importance of setting up the frame, listening for unconscious ideas, and working with your own emotional response as you formulate practical interventions for the client. We’ll delve into the complexities of transference and countertransference. You’ll learn how to refine your sense of timing in articulating interpretations that clients can absorb. Through videos of clinical sessions and group discussion, you’ll discover how and why the therapist’s immediate emotional experience can be the most important diagnostic tool for understanding the client’s dynamics, framing an interpretation, and translating this information into a useful intervention.

David Scharff, M.D., is cofounder and former director of the International Institute of Object Relations Therapy, chair of the International Psychoanalytic Association’s Work Group on Families and Couples, and the author and editor of more than 25 books, including Object Relations Couple Therapy and, most recently, The Interpersonal Unconscious.

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