424 Relational Resilience

Froma WalshFroma Walsh • Saturday Morning
Contrary to popular stereotypes, resilience isn’t an abstract quality you either possess or don’t. It’s a practice that’s nurtured in relationships and strengthened through our response to adversity. This workshop will provide a research-informed framework and guidelines to facilitate client practices and relational connections for resilience. Through case examples, we’ll identify key beliefs, skills, and resources that strengthen resilience—for instance, practicing “the art of the possible” and exploring new possibilities and pathways. You’ll learn how to support clients’ resilience through their significant bonds; mentor at-risk youth effectively; help couples in distress rally; and tap “relational lifelines” in kinship networks, role models, stories of resilience, and cultural and spiritual nourishment. Through a discussion of the presenter’s own family history, you’ll leave with a better understanding of how adversities can be transformed from deficits into a framework for resilience.

Froma Walsh, Ph.D., is codirector of the Chicago Center for Family Health and professor emerita in the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. Her books include Strengthening Family Resilience (2nd edition) and Living Beyond Loss (2nd edition).

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