423 Aging Well

David TreadwayDavid Treadway • Saturday Morning
Despite our dreams of achieving maturity and wisdom as we grow older, many of us find it hard to come to terms with what aging is really like. What a shock to find ourselves feeling no wiser than we did when we were younger and starting to fall apart at the seams to boot. So, how do we help ourselves—and our aging clients—deal with these new realities? In this workshop, we’ll examine the developmental issues of growing older, such as finding meaning and purpose, accepting the present, and coming to terms with the past. We’ll discuss how and why aging can complicate our work with our clients, as well as our own lives and relationships. We’ll consider how our own therapeutic approaches evolved through different development stages in our careers, and how we plan to deal with the stages to come, including retirement, going part-time, or consulting, in the coming years.

David Treadway, Ph.D., director of the Treadway Training Institute, is the author of Home Before Dark: First Year with Cancer and Intimacy, Change, and Other Therapeutic Mysteries.

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