420 Putting Positive Psychology into Practice

Joan KlagsbrunJoan Klagsbrun • Saturday Morning
Although the field of Positive Psychology has attracted much attention and discussion, many therapists remain unsure of how to put its emphasis on gratitude and optimism to practical use in the consulting room. Yet, being able to appreciate one’s own and life’s positive attributes can have a profound impact on one’s attitude and worldview. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to use Focusing to teach people to recognize and experience positive emotion more deeply. You’ll learn seven specific strategies, starting with an intake interview that includes an overview of positive experiences and, from there, helping clients notice and savor positive experiences as they occur. You’ll walk away with new methods that empower clients to find renewed meaning in their lives, pay attention to reasons for gratitude, and cultivate practices of self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D., who’s on the faculty of Lesley University, is the author of the CD, “Focusing–Listening to the Deeper Self” and the video “A Focusing Approach to Life Changing Illness.”

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