416/516 Mind-Body & Depression

James GordonJames Gordon • Saturday All Day
Most people who come into a therapist’s office continue to repeat the same self-defeating stories to themselves, respond to stress in ways that inhibit their psychological growth, and perpetuate disease-producing behavior patterns. This is true as much for people diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD as for those suffering from chronic conditions such as pain, hypertension, and diabetes. In this workshop, you’ll learn and experience a wide range of mind-body techniques—from meditations, guided imagery, movement, and dance to nutrition, expressive drawing, and dialogue—designed to help people get unstuck and move forward. You’ll leave with a new view of yourself and your clients: not primarily as sufferers from a disease or disorder, but as fellow travelers on a journey to health and wholeness. (This session will continue with Workshop 516).

James Gordon, M.D., the founder and director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and a clinical professor in the departments of psychiatry and family medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine. He’s the author of Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey out of Depression.

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