413/513 Collaborative Confrontation

David SchnarchDavid Schnarch • Saturday All Day
Most therapeutic training revolves around creating a safe, nurturing atmosphere to ease clients into the psychotherapeutic alliance. The provocative premise of this workshop is that this emphasis on an attachment-based model is fundamentally flawed. In fact, the great shortcoming of much of psychotherapy today is that we don’t challenge our clients enough, and they’re usually more aware of things than they admit. You’ll learn how harnessing mind-mapping—the brain’s ability to make a mental map of another’s mind—can transform your idea of your own therapeutic posture. We’ll explore ways to detect denial and unmask collusive alliances with clients, so you can more forward to address core problems right away, rather than wasting time and energy in game-playing. Through demonstrations, videos, and discussion, you’ll learn specific techniques that will help you refine the craft of “collaborative confrontation,” and you’ll discover that, rather than wounding patients, being direct raises both the quality and impact of the therapeutic interaction. (This session will continue with Workshop 513. Attending the morning session is required.)

David Schnarch, Ph.D., director of the Crucible Institute, is the author of Intimacy & Desire; Passionate Marriage; and Constructing the Sexual Crucible.

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