411/511 Kids’ Skills

Ben FurmanBen Furman • Saturday All Day
The problems of children and adolescents all over the world today are, too often, treated with drugs or behavioral management plans that only disempower the kids, as well as their parents and teachers. In this workshop, we’ll discuss Kids’ Skills, a systemic approach comprised of 15 simple steps, that’s an effective, solution-focused, fun way of helping children and teens who suffer from behavioral problems, anxieties, and other psychosocial issues. The key is the provocative notion that children don’t have any problems—they have skills that they need to improve with the support of those around them. You’ll learn how to instill hope (even when there doesn’t seem to be any), establish collaboration between kids and the important people in their lives (even when everyone seems uncollaborative at first), and generate a playful, creative mood (even when everyone appears gloomy), tenderly facilitating client-based solutions. (This session will continue with Workshop 511.)

Ben Furman, M.D., psychiatrist and director of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute, is an internationally renowned trainer of solution-focused psychotherapy. His books include Kids’ Skills: Playful and Practical Solution-Finding for Children.

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