410/510 Therapeutic Breakthroughs

Bruce EckerSara BridgesBruce Ecker & Sara Bridges • Saturday All Day
A remarkable transformational change discovered by brain researchers—known as memory reconsolidation—appears to lie at the heart of those dramatic moments we call “therapeutic breakthroughs.” In this workshop, you’ll learn how to apply the steps of this reconsolidation process clinically to free clients from entrenched reactions, old attachment patterns, and longstanding emotional wounds. You’ll discover how to identify the specific thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to be dispelled, and how their underlying emotional learning is then retrieved, unlocked, and dissolved by new learning. The result is a deeply felt transformational shift. You’ll observe a live demonstration and a video, and have the opportunity to practice empathic, experiential methods. (This session will continue with Workshop 510.)

Bruce Ecker, M.A., L.M.F.T., is codirector of the Coherence Psychology Institute and coauthor of Unlocking the Emotional Brain and Depth Oriented Brief Therapy.

Sara Bridges, Ph.D., is codirector of the Coherence Psychology Institute, an Associate Professor at the University of Memphis, and coeditor of the five-volume series Studies in Meaning.

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