407/507 Anxious Kids & Parents

Lynn LyonsLynn Lyons • Saturday All Day
Research shows that children with anxious parents are many times likelier than other children to develop anxiety. Usually, both parents and children in these families have trouble with uncertainty, anxious feelings, and problem-solving. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify patterns in families that increase anxious behavior, as well as common pitfalls that trap parents, educators, and therapists in an anxiety cycle that actually makes it worse. We’ll discuss a program of effective, enjoyable, humor-based exercises for both parents and children that help them normalize anxiety, externalize it, and find innovative, playful ways to deal with it. The goal for families isn’t to try to avoid anxiety, but to seek it out in effective, healthy ways that help manage and conquer it. Through video clips, vignettes, and visual tools, you’ll learn practical exercises, ideas for homework assignments, and a clear strategy for developing anxiety-busting skills in families. (This session will continue with Workshop 507.)

Lynn Lyons, L.I.C.S.W., specializes in working with anxiety in children. Her presentations include “Preventing Anxiety and Depression: Skills We Can (and Should!) Be Teaching Our Children.”

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