405/505 Un-distracting Clients

Danie BeaulieuDanie Beaulieu • Saturday All Day
In our head-spinning, attention-fragmenting, cyber-screen culture, our words and face-to-face conversation may not be enough to get and keep clients’ attention, much less help them focus on their internal emotional and physical experience. In this workshop, we’ll explore techniques drawn from Impact Therapy—a creative, interactive model—to wake up clients, rivet their attention, attune them to their inner realities, and promote rapid self-discovery and change. We’ll explore a range of multisensory approaches that incorporate visual imagery, metaphors, and simple props—cards, chess pieces, modeling clay, sheets of paper, rubber bands, chairs—to fully engage clients’ visual, kinesthetic, and imaginative capacities. Clients are inevitably drawn in by the creative fun of these techniques, which work with a variety of clinical approaches and models. (This session will continue with Workshop 505.)

Danie Beaulieu, Ph.D., is the founder of Academie Impact, a training institute, publisher, and producer of therapeutic aids. Her books include Impact Techniques for Therapists, Impact Techniques in the Classroom, and Eye Movement Integration: The Comprehensive Guide.

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