404/504 Trauma-Related Dissociation

Kathy SteeleKathy Steele • Saturday All Day
The widely accepted treatment of adult survivors of severe, chronic childhood trauma and neglect is to work through the traumatic memories and provide symptom relief. But this approach often underestimates their need for basic developmental repair. Many such clients never acquired the neurobiological capacity for emotional self-regulation and have difficulty managing dependency needs, staying present, reading danger cues, thinking or talking about their feelings, and separating past trauma from present events. In this workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies for increasing clients’ ability to soothe themselves, become mindful and present, engage in relationships appropriately, and resolve their fear of their own thoughts, feelings, and sensations. We’ll also explore how to use your own somatic and emotional awareness to avoid the classic traps of working with these clients, like boundary violations and the tendency to overcompensate for them. (This session will continue with Workshop 504).

Kathy Steele, M.N., C.S., clinical director and supervisor at Metropolitan Counseling Services, specializes in chronic traumatization, dissociative disorders, and attachment issues.

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