327 Joys of Good Enough Sex

Barry McCarthyBarry McCarthy • Friday Afternoon
Do romantic, mutually idealizing couples in the early stages of their relationship have the best sex? Not really. Research shows couples who’ve been together 10 years or more do. To the surprise of many, these couples regularly report the greatest desire, pleasure, and satisfaction. In this workshop, we’ll explore what our understanding of long-married couples can teach us about balancing autonomy and marital togetherness, eroticism and intimacy. You’ll learn how to help couples make the necessary transition from the romantic/passionate sex phase of their union to a unique, personal, realistic sexual style all their own. We’ll discuss how and why a flexible model of “Good Enough Sex” can help inoculate couples against sexual problems and disappointments in the years ahead, and explore ways to help women develop their own sexual voices and men learn to value intimacy.

Barry McCarthy, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at American University, is the author of Men’s Sexual Health, Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style, Enduring Desire: Your Guide to Lifelong Intimacy, and Sexual Awareness, 5th Edition.

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