325 Hypnotic Techniques

Dan ShortDan Short • Friday Afternoon
Research has shown how effective hypnosis can be with mood regulation, panic attacks, pain management, smoking cessation, and the severity and frequency of psychotic symptoms. What most don’t realize is that the same outcomes can be achieved without the use of induction rituals, eye closure, and potential power struggles. Even if you aren’t trained in the use of formal hypnotic protocol, you can learn to communicate helpful ideas to clients’ unconscious. This workshop will show you how to take the skills you already have and use them to communicate the primary therapeutic principles that underlie all forms of hypnotic suggestion. You’ll watch a demonstration of formal and informal hypnotic techniques, and then participate in practice sessions designed to help you adapt mainstream therapy techniques to produce similar results, yielding new therapeutic pathways to communicate with clients’ unconscious.

Dan Short, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and trainer in Ericksonian hypnosis, is lead author of Hope & Resiliency and author of Transformational Relationships.

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