318 Therapeutic Conversation

Ron TaffelRon Taffel • Friday Afternoon
Conversation lies at the heart of therapy, but repeating the same old dialogue week after week is a sign that therapy is stuck. This workshop will offer concrete guidelines for crafting dynamic, nonlinear, transformational conversation. You’ll learn how to recognize and overcome subtle barriers to conversation and specific skills that will encourage clients to reveal their unspoken self, fostering new actions and attitudes, as well as unexpected narratives. We’ll explore ways to confront a therapeutic impasse and practice techniques for getting it moving again. We’ll talk about matching your conversational style to the client’s particular temperament, developmental issues, and attachment style; how to use a patient’s “sparks” of interest; and how to identify and develop themes of competence. We’ll also address how to evocatively (and safely) use your personal reactions as a fulcrum of change.

Ron Taffel, Ph.D., the chairman of the board of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, a nonprofit training and treatment center in New York City, is the author of eight professional and popular books and nearly one hundred articles on therapy and family life.

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