230 Positive Aging

Robert HillRobert Hill • Friday Morning
As our population ages, we can expect to see more senior clients in our offices, many of whom will be worried about the impact of aging on their memory and cognitive functioning. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to help clients differentiate between normal, age-related, cognitive impairment and what could be more serious conditions. You’ll receive an assessment toolkit for identifying clients’ cognitive strengths, weaknesses, and ability to cope with age-related memory challenges, and learn strategies for keeping clients’ mental capacities as sharp as possible. For situations in which memory has begun to fail, we’ll discuss how to apply approaches drawn from Positive Psychology to help clients forgive themselves for growing older, recognize their limitations with equanimity, gracefully accept help when necessary, and find emotional and intellectual fulfillment throughout life. You’ll leave with resources for helping clients better understand their current cognitive state, what its changes mean, and how to turn memory deficits into opportunities for personal growth.

Robert Hill, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., is the author of six books, including Seven Strategies for Positive Aging and Cognitive Rehabilitation in Old Age.

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