228 From Research to Practice

Pat LovePat Love • Friday Morning
While many therapists consider research to be clinically irrelevant, knowing how to use research findings and regularly searching out new information related to clients’ issues can be crucial to keeping your practice fresh and increasing your effectiveness and therapeutic creativity. This workshop will reveal specific strategies for identifying interesting and useful resources, including studies from outside psychotherapy, that are the most likely to yield news you can use in your consulting room. We’ll focus on recent work in the areas of relationship-sustaining behavior, Attachment Theory, mating patterns, demographic shifts, gender science, and neurogenesis.  We’ll use case examples to show how specifically to incorporate research findings within your clinical repertoire, and you’ll leave the workshop with renewed curiosity and enthusiasm for bringing new learning into your work.

Pat Love, Ed.D., a relationship consultant and licensed marriage and family therapist, is the coauthor of  Hot Monogamy and How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It.


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