225 Movies in the Brain

Albert PessoAlbert Pesso • Friday Morning
Despite our best efforts, some traumatized clients seem unable to identify or try to change destructive or negative behavior patterns. Consequently, they return to treatment repeatedly complaining of old injustices and mistreatment often filled with anger and hostility. This workshop presents an innovative approach for helping them move forward by developing a different narrative enabling them to make an inner movie that reframes their traumatic past and creates a new vision of the future. You’ll learn how to conjure a “Possibility Sphere” that provides an alternative narrative of what could or should have been in a client’s life. You’ll explore ways to juxtapose this story with the real-life one in which the client is stuck, using specific techniques (such as scripting an imaginary movie) that can begin to help overwrite old, dead-end stories. You’ll come away with a toolkit of new techniques, including reversals, microtracking, and the “witness,” for helping these clients tap into different core feelings and access positive emotions.

Albert Pesso, is the codeveloper of the Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Therapy. He’s authored or coauthored Movement in Psychotherapy, Experience in Action, and Moving Psychotherapy.


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