224 Imago Meets EFT

Jette SimonJette Simon • Friday Morning
Knowing how to judiciously combine the strengths of different therapeutic approaches can greatly increase our range and clinical effectiveness. This workshop will show you how to enhance your skills and understanding in couples work by joining aspects of Imago Relationship Therapy with Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). You’ll learn how to use Imago’s dialogue, mirroring, and validation techniques to help partners avoid shame, blame, and criticism, as they shift from antagonism and empathy. We’ll demonstrate how EFT enables therapists to use themselves to soften couples’ power struggles, help them navigate difficult emotional territory, and establish a deeper sense of felt connection. You’ll explore a range of therapeutic skills (such as using the three S’s—speaking slowly, softly, and simply) to help clients access and regulate emotion, and come away with a powerful road map to encourage partners to reconnect, repair, and rebuild their bonds.

Jette Simon, Lic., who conducts basic and advanced training programs in Imago Relationship Therapy, is a Senior Clinical Instructor for Imago International. She’s the author of Imago: The Therapy of Love.

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