221 Helping the Bullied Child

Stan DavisStan Davis • Friday Morning
Therapists often feel powerless to help a child who’s being bullied, and, as a result, may inadvertently increase the child’s self-blame. This workshop provides a systematic approach to empower bullied young people and build inner strength and resilience, while also working with families and schools. First, you’ll learn how to avoid ineffective interventions that can even make matters worse. Next, you’ll practice techniques to help children understand that being bullied isn’t their fault and explore strategies to help them enhance their own sense of competence and self-efficacy and expand their peer networks. You’ll also leave the workshop with a practical set of skills for working with parents to build social support and mentoring systems for their children and act as advocates within the school system.

Stan Davis is the coleader of the Youth Voice Research Project, which has collected information from tens of thousands of young people about effective bullying prevention strategies. He’s the author of Schools Where Everyone Belongs: Practical Strategies to Reduce Bullying.

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