220 From Trauma to Resilience

Donald MeichenbaumDonald Meichenbaum • Friday Morning
Even though up to 80 percent of the North American population report exposure to traumatic events only 5 to 10 percent ever develop PTSD or complex PTSD. While the majority of traumatized individuals may bend, they don’t break; in fact, they not only exhibit resilience when confronting a traumatic event, they may even experience psychological growth as a result of it. What factors seem to protect them, and what can we learn from them to enhance our treatment of clients who do develop PTSD? In this workshop, we’ll discuss myriad ways to help your clients bolster cognitive, emotional, physical, behavioral, and spiritual resilience, focusing on a Constructive Narrative perspective. We’ll explore how the stories clients tell about a traumatic event fundamentally shape their experience of it and their sense of themselves. You’ll learn how to help them develop a more positive “untold” story, enhance the therapeutic alliance, teach specific coping skills, nurture hope, and build bridges from treatment to the outside world.

Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., one of the founders of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, is distinguished professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. His books include Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and Their Families.

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