208/308 Treating Anxiety and OCD

Susan OsofskySusan Osofsky • Friday All Day
Treating anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) challenges many therapists’ usual way of approaching clients. Not only does talk therapy generally not work to alleviate or reduce symptoms of anxiety or ritualized repetitive behavior, but it can even increase them. In this workshop, we’ll explore cognitive distortions, the mind-body connection in anxiety, and Exposure/Response Prevention (Ex/RP), a model that’s been shown to be highly effective. We’ll discuss the brain mechanisms and chemicals behind anxiety and OCD, review the differences and connections between obsessions and compulsions, and demonstrate how to assess the severity of a case. You’ll learn how to lead your clients through the exposure process using Ex/RP in a way that allows them to endure the momentary anxiety of not doing the ritual repetitive behavior and, when catastrophe doesn’t result, helps them to restructure their thinking and begin to free themselves of their symptoms. (This session will continue with Workshop 308.)

Susan Osofsky, L.C.S.W., specializes in treating anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and trauma. She’s a certified Life Force Yoga Practitioner, and incorporates her mind-body experience into her work.

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