207/307 The Therapeutic Craft

David BurnsDavid Burns • Friday All Day
Typically, workshops and conferences focus on theories and new methods, without taking the time to help participants actually assess and enhance their skills. This daylong session will give you the opportunity to practice basic, powerful skills that underlie all effective psychotherapy. In the morning, we’ll focus on Advanced Empathy Training—how to form warm, trusting relationships with even the most oppositional and challenging clients. In the afternoon, you’ll learn to identify and melt away the most common forms of therapeutic resistance using powerful Paradoxical Agenda Setting techniques, which can accelerate recovery from depression, anxiety disorders, relationship problems, and addictive habits. We’ll practice these skills on each other while giving and receiving feedback in an atmosphere of safety and support. Please remember to check your ego at the door, because these skills can only be learned through repeated failure. (This session will continue with Workshop 307.)

David Burns, M.D., is adjunct clinical professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. His books Feeling Good and Feeling Good Handbook have sold more than five million copies worldwide.

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