206/306 “Presencing” Attachment

Diane Poole HellerDiane Poole Heller • Friday All Day
Many clients bring to therapy the remnants of attachment wounds experienced before they’d learned to speak or use language to organize memory, so talk therapy often is ineffective at getting to the root of the early memories that can continue to roil emotions and disturb relationships. This workshop presents a new approach to correcting insecure attachment: using therapy itself to help clients experience the quality of relationship they missed in early life. You’ll learn to identify the different styles of troubled attachment and how to address each one. You’ll work on fine-tuning your skills for creating a secure attachment bond—tuning in to nonverbal clues from clients, increasing your awareness of your own nonverbals, and incorporating well-timed humor and playfulness in your style. We’ll focus on the use of experiential exercises like “Welcome to the World,” “Kind Eyes,” and “Beam and Gleam” that can be extremely useful with clients suffering from attachment injuries. (This session will continue with Workshop 306.)

Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., an expert in Somatic Experiencing, developed the Somatic Attachment training called DARe: Dynamic Attachment Re-Patterning experience. She’s the author of Crash Course.


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