204/304 Relational Neuroscience

Amy BanksAmy Banks • Friday All Day
Every day, we’re engulfed by cultural messages directing us to be competitive, independent, and most of all, emotionally disconnected—even though the innate biology of our nervous systems functions best when we work together in groups and relationships. This workshop will focus on how to translate knowledge of the brain’s neurobiology to strategies for helping clients monitor their intake of media and Internet images and broaden their awareness of the larger social forces shaping their emotional state. You’ll learn practical tools for teaching clients about brain function, along with tools they can use to map their relational web, read their own bodies, and the find inner and social resources to counteract the culture’s insidious influences and lead a more connected life. (This session will continue with Workshop 304.)

Amy Banks, M.D., the director of advanced training at the Wellesley Center for Women, Wellesley College, is a former instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She’s the coeditor of A Complete Guide to Mental Health for Women. She’s the creator of the “Reclaiming Your Connected Brain” program, designed to use relational neuroscience to improve relationships.

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