203/303 Joining through the Truth

Terry RealTerry Real • Friday All Day
Most of us were trained to believe that when it comes to having clients face the really difficult truths in their lives, especially their own obnoxious, selfish, or self-defeating behavior, we need to be extremely careful. In contrast, this workshop presents Relationship Life Therapy (RLT), an approach based on the premise that it’s disrespectful to clients to not let them in on the ways they keep shooting themselves in the foot by how they deal with their partner. We’ll explore two essential aspects of RLT’s method of truth-telling: holding the mirror up to our clients to help them see their part in the dysfunctional dance of their relationship and —the trickier part—showing them difficult truths about themselves in a way that lets them feel that we’re on their side, and are actually rooting for them. (This session will continue with Workshop 303.)

Terry Real, L.I.C.S.W., Good Morning America’s relationship expert, founded the Relational Life Institute. His books include The New Rules of Marriage and the bestseller I Don’t Want to Talk about It.

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