122 Ethics Made Fun

Clifton MitchellClifton Mitchell • Thursday All Day
We all want to do what’s ethically right—not to mention avoid getting sued!—but slogging through most ethics courses can be a tiresome bore. Not this time! This workshop (back by popular demand from the 2012 Symposium) features a game show that’s so entertaining, engaging, and high spirited that you’ll learn more and have a better time than in any ethics course you’ve ever taken. Participants will be divided into teams and equipped with electronic remotes for shooting answers to a computer-generated scoring system. The questions, presented in various formats, including Jeopardy-style categories, become more difficult as the points increase. We’ll explore some of the most perplexing legal and ethical quandaries—child abuse, confidentiality, suicide, duty to warn—in such a stimulating way that you’ll be drawn into the enthusiastic discussion and have a great time. Note: this workshop fulfills many state board requirements for training in ethics and risk management.

Clifton Mitchell, Ph.D., is a professor at East Tennessee State University, where he’s received the Teacher of the Year award. He’s the author of Effective Techniques for Dealing with Highly Resistant Clients.

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