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Andrew WeissAndrew Weiss • Thursday All Day
Beginning a fitness program is high on the to-do lists many of us may carry around, but never do much about. Together we’ll explore how you can make the fundamental attitude shift that will transform your hypothetical fitness plan to a real commitment to actually following through and continuing to motivate yourself to take better care of your health. We’ll consider the obstacles that can derail fitness programs in their early stages, like low energy, body soreness, and injury, and discuss how to surmount them. You’ll come away with a simple exercise routine that you can do at home without equipment that will improve your flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, and endurance. There’ll be time at the end of the day for personal consultations to match your fitness program with the particulars of your body, health status, and life circumstances.

Andrew Weiss, a Certified Personal Trainer, has been a coach and trainer in the Metro Washington DC area for more than a decade. He’s worked with the YMCA, Jewish Primary Day School, Hill’s Hitters Martial Arts Program, HealingwithBasketball.com, and the WhiteOak Sport and Health Club.



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