120 Build a Practice Community

Lis FengerStine ClasenLis Fenger & Stine Clasen • Thursday All Day
As practitioners, we often long for fresh inspiration and the excitement of new learning, but don’t know how to set up the kind of supportive, ongoing learning community that could nurture our personal and professional development. This experiential workshop will offer you an opportunity to experience group processes that encourage listening and sharing, open up new approaches to dialogue, and enable participants to expand their perspectives. We’ll explore a range of exercises that encourage mutually enhancing learning partnerships, increase mental fitness, and deepen clinical creativity. Together we’ll expand our skills as both group leaders and members and discover new possibilities for bringing out the best in each other. You’ll leave this session with a new sense of excitement about building an ongoing community of practice to inspire you and extend your sense of personal and professional possibilities.

Lis Fenger and Stine Clasen are consultants at the Department of Children and Youth in Aarhus, Denmark. Fenger is a trained nurse, health visitor, and therapist and Clasen is a specialist in mediation and innovation. They’re both involved in initiatives to build capacity among teachers and mental health workers throughout Denmark.

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