119 Overcome Emotional Eating

Edward AbramsonEdward Abramson • Thursday All Day
We all know about emotional eating—when it comes to our patients, that is. But what about us? Here’s your chance to look at your own eating habits. You’ll learn to distinguish between physical hunger and stress-related eating. We’ll identify the particular cues, emotional triggers, and feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or boredom that make us vulnerable to behavior patterns to which we’d rather not succumb. We’ll talk about overcoming the guilt and shame associated with emotional eating, and you’ll learn practical methods for changing these habits and nurturing yourself without eating. You’ll leave with an enhanced awareness of your individual emotional eating patterns, along with the tools to develop an individualized plan for self-nurturing without food.

Edward Abramson, Ph.D., the former director of the Eating Disorders Center at Chico Community Hospital, is an international authority on emotional eating, weight control, and eating disorders. His books include It’s NOT Just Babyfat! 10 Steps to Help Your Child to a Healthy Weight, Body Intelligence, and Emotional Eating.

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