117 Neuroscience & Self-Care

Linda GrahamLinda Graham • Thursday All Day
Brain research has shown us how certain interventions can help rewire our clients’ brains to reduce stress, resolve trauma, and recover resilience. But how much of this knowledge do we bring to the care of our own brains to reduce our own stress and burnout, to restore our sense of perspective, and to recover our intuitive creativity? In this experiential workshop, you’ll practice 10 simple, empirically validated techniques designed to harness the brain’s neuroplasticity to help you recharge your brain and body. You’ll learn exercises to help reconfigure and rewire “stuck” brain-behavior patterns and specific techniques to enhance coping strategies and renew your energy for socializing and connecting with others. You’ll leave with a self-help toolkit to create renewed neural flexibility in your brain—and to recover a sense of balance, wholeness and open-ended creativity.

Linda Graham, M.F.T., offers consultations and trainings nationwide on the integration of relational psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience. She’s the author of the forthcoming Bouncing Back: Rewire Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being.

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