1:15 PM Luncheon Address

Diane Poole HellerCreating a Corrective Emotional Experience
Diane Poole Heller
At a time when psychotherapists trained primarily in the “talking cure” are increasingly recognizing the need to “read” clients’ nonverbal communications, particularly those buried in early attachment issues, Diane Poole Heller has been a leader in addressing the unconscious issues that clients are often unable to express. With an approach grounded in Attachment Theory, Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing method of trauma resolution, and spiritual healing techniques, she’s traveled around the world teaching integrative mind-body methods that deepen the resonance of the therapist–client bond.

In her lunchtime address, she’ll show and discuss a range of videos of actual therapy sessions that demonstrate how to create a corrective emotional experience in the consulting room, as well as how therapists can make fuller use of themselves to extend their empathic range and increase their effectiveness.

Approved for one hour of CE credit. To register, use form on page 80.

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